Friday, February 1, 2013

Stripping a Nation! the Ugly Face of Egypt!

With fresh scenes of brutal police killing, beating up, torturing, dragging and humiliating Egyptians for almost 6 decades,  comes today another horrible,  heart breaking scene of riot police pulling one man to the ground, stripped him completely naked and beat him before dragging him into a police van.

The incident came as part of the escalating violence erupted today at the presidential palace gates, when the scene turned very violent as the police used tons of tear gas, bullets and not sure live ammunition as sound of birdshit could be heard.

At one point, security forces turned nasty to prove its loyalty and firmness to Morsi and the brotherhood, chasing protesters through the side street, riot police obressed protestors who were gathering demanding Morsi to leave office and denouncing the recent killings happened in Canal cities against Port Said and Suez protestors where more than 70 people were killed!

In a similar scene of army stripping and dragging a girl last year during protests of Ahmed Mahmoud,  the picture of the girl named the "blue bra girl" by media undisclosing her identity still fresh in the minds of Egyptians as a sign of ever growing  humiliation!

Stripping Egyptian dignity is becoming more normal,  in country where dignity is the last thing people care about,, stripping the nation is becoming the hobby of police, president and system with no consideration to even international community that they once try to hide our ugly face in front.

Frenzy of shring the video stared and here it is ( cautious, disturbing footages) causing uproar anger among people,,,

On the other side the typical reaction of islamists never fail to disgust me,, in channels of Salafi sheikhs they claimed that the guy is gay, , demanding that people protesting against Morsi rto be killed,,, just similar to insulting the girl who turned to be wearing Niqab (full face veil), making Khaled Abdallah, salafi sheikh saying that she is not from us and what made her go there a remark to indicate she being 'indecent'!!

Although feeling very sad for the man, I hope this shcoking footage would wake Egyptians back yo thier senses and realize the deep misfortune and disaster they brought to themselves by bringing this  criminal regime on top!!

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